(photo by PXHere Public Domain)

Wolverine; Gulo gulo

The wolverine is the largest of the weasel family. Their known aliases are “glutton“, “carcajou (evil one)” or “skunk bear“. While known for their ferocity, the wolverine occasionally consume eggs, berries and insects to supplement their diets. Through the winter they are able to prey on squirrels, birds and marmots, along with larger animals including, deer, moose and caribou. 

Wolverines are currently threatened in Alberta by human settlement, logging, oil & gas development and recreational land use. These activities reduce their habitat and range, while other pressures from hunting and trapping reduce the amount of ungulate carrion (carcasses) that they depend on for food. 

To aid in conservation efforts you can report your wolverine sightings to Fish and Wildlife Officers. 

(photo by Martin Vorel)