•   Personal & Professional BACKGROUND Frances H. Arnold Meet Frances Arnold, the innovator behind direct evolution in bioengineering. Directed evolution is used in enzyme creation (which are used to speed up chemical reactions). An advantage of this process is that mutations do not have to be completely random, the mutations
  •   Personal & Professional BACKGROUND Roger Tomlinson Known by many as the ‘Father of GIS’, Roger Tomlinson was a prominent geographer and the inventor of computer based geographic information systems. His ideas for enhanced data visualizations beyond regular maps allowed for new problem solving abilities in the realm of geography
  • Recently, the Government of Alberta recognized Wood bison as a wildlife species. This status change means that Wood bison populations will now be designated as Threatened and will have protections under Alberta’s Wildlife Regulation. This amendment promotes the conservation and recovery of disease-free bison populations in northern Alberta.   (Image:
  •   Personal & Professional BACKGROUND Charles K. Kao Meet Charles Kao, the developer of fiber optic telecommunication technology.  For many years long-distance communications were constrained due to poor fibers which were unable to transmit light far enough. In the 1960s, Charles utilized very pure glass fiber and new laser technology
  • Recently, we have been having a lot of fun providing in-community training in environmental monitoring and sampling procedures. Everything from eDNA sampling to fish habitat/tissue sampling to wildlife camera program design. We often are asked what we offer in terms of training and workshops. So here you go! We’ve summarized
  • Photo by Steve Harvey Whether it’s floods or droughts, we seem to be experiencing the effects of climate change: “…the current allocation of water licences in southern Alberta could come under stress due to extreme weather variability, said University of Lethbridge geography professor Stefan Kienzle…” in this CBC article. MSES

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