• (photo from Government of Canada)     Half-moon hairstreak (Satyrium semiluna) The Calgary Zoo recently released their plans to collaborate with Parks Canada in a strategy to protect the half-moon hairstreak butterfly. This butterfly species is only found in 9 locations in Canada, one being in Waterton National Park, Alberta.
  • Image: John Chilibeck (accessed from the Nashwaak Watershed Association) ​ Riparian area recovery project New Brunswick: “Some very thirsty trees are being planted this week beside the Nashwaak River on a huge chunk of city land, part of a larger effort to restore the sensitive environment to its natural state.
  • Image: CPAWS (accessed from CPAWS) ​ ““This is the good news Albertans needed as we say goodbye to 2020,” says Katie Morrison, Conservation Director with CPAWS Southern Alberta.“ This statement is in response to the government of Alberta’s recent announcement that the 175 park sites subject to delisting or closure
  • Image: Jonathan Hayward (The Canadian Press) ​ JP Gladu, the president of the Alaska-Alberta Railway Corporation Canada shares his opinions on how we currently manage Indigenous consultations and his vision for future approaches to engagement: “Over the past few years, Indigenous leaders, government officials and corporate executives have spoken loudly
  • Image: Omer Sonido (accessed from Unspalsh) ​ Rathin Roy presents an insightful discourse about the inequalities in consumption of resources and in the benefits of green technologies: “First, “development” continues to be about all nations and peoples aspiring to attain the levels of consumption and comfort that rich people and
  • Image: Jeff McIntosh (accessed CTV News) ​ “Alberta is offering more of its Rocky Mountain landscapes to coal mining after rescinding a decades-old policy that protected them. In documents released earlier this week, Alberta Energy is giving miners until Dec. 15 to bid on nearly 2,000 hectares on the eastern

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