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“[the MSES expert witnesses’] participation helped the Panel’s understanding of the potential effects of the Project.. [and their] evidence helped the Panel’s understanding of the likelihood that Shell’s proposed mitigation would effectively reclaim upland vegetation in the closure landscape.”

The Alberta Energy Regulator’s conclusion regarding Application to Amend Approval 9756.

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The authors describe a very relevant problem and suggest solutions that no-one has described before. The findings will form the basis for further discussions on both levels of the scientific community and government

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Peer-review comments from Global Change Biology

The authors use different resolution imagery to quantify the rate of disturbance in the boreal forests of Alberta. While the analyses are limited to Alberta, their findings (in particular, that fine resolution imagery reveals much faster rates of disturbance) have implications for tracking forest loss globally” 

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Peer-review comments from Global Change Biology, Research

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