Land Change Analysis & Mapping

A Powerful Tool for Understanding
Changes to the Land

Landscapes are being changed by industrial activities. Our change analyses can detect, measure, and predict these impacts and our disturbance maps can visually depict them.

Communicate the changes
you see on land

We help you convey, and show, the
combined impacts resulting from
past and present development in an

A visual aid for discussions

Easily show, and talk about,
cumulative effects, changes to
habitat, and impacts to traditional

Evidence based, accurate
& defensible

We use real satellite photographs
to measure changes to the land.

Feature Projects

Rate of Loss of Alberta’s Boreal Forest Peer-Reviewed PublicationBison habitat loss in Wood Buffalo National Park UNESCO Study, Alberta

Effects on Traditional Resources Shell Jackpine Mine Oils Sands Expansion Project, Alberta

Disturbance Analyses for Linear Projects British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick

“Your analytical approach is the strongest tool that we ever had in addressing the
volumes of technical information that industry and government expose us to… Thank you
for your objective and personal support.” Mikisew Cree First Nation, Alberta, Canada.