Environmental Assessments

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Our ecological studies and environmental assessments help you understand the environment and plan for the future. Our approach is to understand your concerns, perform comprehensive and rigorous surveying and analysis and deliver relevant, accurate and dependable information. With us, you will feel confident when making land and resource use decisions.

Environmental Programs

  • Baseline Studies
  • Biophsycial Impact Assessments & Environmental Impact Studies
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Wetland Evaluations
  • Wildlife and Nest Sweeps
  • Population Viability Analyses
  • Mitigation & Monitoring Programs
  • Traditional Land Use & Historic Resource Assessments
  • Community Impact Assessments

Areas of Specialization

  • Wildlife
  • Breeding Birds
  • Vegetation & Rare Plants
  • Species at Risk
  • Surface Water & Groundwater
  • Hydrology
  • Air Quality & Noise
  • Traditional Land Use and Historic Resources
  • Socio-economics

Industry Types

  • Renewable Resources e.g. Wind, Hydroelectric, Solar
  • Urban and Residential Developments
  • Petroleum & Mineral Resources
  • Linear Projects e.g. Transmission Lines, Pipelines
  • Aggregate Projects

Featured Projects


Habitat & Population Viability Analyses for Wood Bison, Alberta (ongoing since 2016)
Field Study & Design of Monitoring Program for Birds at Solar Facilities, Southern Alberta (2016 – 2017)
Field Sampling, Reporting & Recommendations for the application of  Bio-solids in terrestrial environments, British Columbia (2016-2017)
Biophysical Impact Assessments (Wildlife, Vegetation, Rare Plants, Wetlands) for a proposed Residential Development, Alberta (2014)
Wildlife & Vegetation Assessments for Donlin Creek Gold Project, Alaska
Environmental Impact Assessment for Parson’s Creek limestone quarry, Alberta
Environmental screening for the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Highway Twinning, Alberta

“Thank you for teaching me so much about the biology of the local area & the importance of connectivity. … I appreciated your diligence & support on Environmental Committee issues… & you took the time to explain them in layman’s terms.” – Goodman & McDougall Associates Ltd.

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